18 Practical Housewarming Gifts to Welcome Friends Home


Everywhere you turn, there’s more and more proof that social media is the ultimate highlight reel. Pregnancies, promotions, and relationship launches—”soft” and “hard.” But as a young millennial myself, there’s one that seems to populate my feeds most of all: the post announcing a new home. Whether it be an apartment or the purchase of a new house, after a few years that saw many of my friends (myself included) moving back home, it’s time that we claim our own little havens. And there’s no way I like to celebrate that milestone more than with my favorite, practical housewarming gifts.

Yes, I said celebrate. While social media can make us feel bitter and cynical at times, it can also inspire greater kindness and support. Personally, I’ve stepped into 2023 with the perspective that I’m going to *actually* engage with content that I find exciting and uplifting. I’m going to cheer on my friends and spread positivity instead of simply being a bystander.

Featured image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s home by Michelle Nash.

Image of Olivia Muniak by Michelle Nash

18 Practical Housewarming Gifts to Welcome Your Loved Ones Home

So go ahead and like the post that celebrates what’s arguably the biggest purchase of most of our lives. Let the friend from college know that you’re proud of them for taking the leap and leasing an apartment across the country. Cheer on your cousin who, after years of dating, is moving in with their S.O. And if you feel so inclined, give a heart to the creator whose minimalist home aesthetic has inspired your own.

Once you’ve shown your digital support, it’s time to shower them IRL. Keep reading for the best practical housewarming gifts. From creative ceramics to beautiful books, this list has it all.

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