21 Inspiring Memoirs That’ll Change the Way You Think


When it comes to reading, my tastes run the gamut. Fiction will forever be my ride-or-die favorite genre (I could stay up for hours diving deep into a good plot). But the world of books is thankfully infinite—and I’m endlessly grateful for all the options available. Want to experience greater happiness? There are about a million reads on the topic. Love a good book-turned-movie combo? Consider this your definitive list. And if you’re a new parent, don’t worry: these are our favorite guides to support your journey.

Conclusion? If there’s a topic you’re totally new to or one you want to learn more about, there’s nothing you can’t read up on. After fiction, memoirs just might be the perfect literary genre. I certainly have my faves, but as a nonfiction junkie/lifelong learner, certain inspiring memoirs allow me to immerse myself in a rich narrative while still scratching my personal development itch. And what’s not to love about an intimate view into the life of someone with a fascinating true story to tell?

Featured image of Sophie Monet by Teal Thomsen.

21 Inspiring Memoirs to Shift Your Perspective and Transform Your Worldview

To celebrate my go-to genre, I’ve rounded up my personal picks for the most impactful and inspiring memoirs. Each of them gave me a new perspective and has subtly permeated the way that I think. So dive in and prepare to discover a new-to-you read.

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This post was originally published on January 26, 2020 and has since been updated.

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