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I love decorating for the holidays but I do get overwhelmed by the number of holiday decor ideas out there! I wanted to pull together some of the holiday decor ideas I’ve saved over the years, to give myself (and you) a little inspiration as I decorate my own home. Do I do tinsel again? A tree with just ribbons? What about a super simple naked greenery situation? Or how about all of the above?

Browse through a few of my favorite holiday decor ideas in the list below.


Gwen – @themakerista (shown above)

Hello, TINSEL! I used this shiny material on our trees last year and love the way Gwen decorated hers. There is a lot of dimension and a bit of pattern coming through thanks to the way she applied it in small groupings. 


Jordan Ferney

I consider Jordan the queen of colorful trees full of vintage ornaments. She can also tie a mean bow. Year after year I look forward to seeing how she remixes her vast collection of bright baubles on the tree. 


Paula Sutton – @hillhousevintage

If you want some cozy cottage inspiration this year, this account has everything you need!


Greg – @manwithahammer

If you want cozy but elegant holiday vibes with loads of color, pattern, and general cheeriness, this is the place to look!


Leigh + Ben – @house_1924

This is another great way to incorporate ribbons into holiday decor! They used a variety of colors, tied them at the top of the tree, and then had each color cascade down the tree. I love it. 


Emily Henderson

This holiday decor example reminds me that a squat, minimally-decorated tree can make the best cheery holiday focal point. 


Matilda Goad

You know I love everything Matilda does, but there is something extra special about how she layers garland and other holiday motifs into her spaces. Her sister-in-law is florist Willow Crossley—she also has amazing tips for tablescapes and so much more!

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