Ginger Molasses Cookies Are the Perfect Sweet and Spicy Treat


With our cookie swap recipes coming to fruition, it’s time to share Daphne Oz’s delightful ginger molasses cookies. These Chewy Candied Ginger Molasses Cookies With White Chocolate are so well balanced that each bite brings something new to the party. The recipe is simple, crave-worthy, and totally suitable for your own holiday crowd. Who knows, these cookies might just become a tradition!

Creamy white chocolate bits balance out the subtle heat of the candied ginger laced throughout these cookies. On top of that, you’re getting earthy molasses flavor that keeps the cookie from leaning too sweet. There’s also a healthy dose of spice in this recipe that brings in all the comforting feels. We’re talking about the winter trifecta here: cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Have you ever known those three to disagree?

One thing I love about this cookie is that it dares to be different. It’s truly unique and offers a fresh take on dessert that you might welcome after you’ve had your fill of gingerbread and thumbprint cookies. Be sure to give these cookies a rating below. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @camillestyles when you make ’em!

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