Writing Prompts to Create Your Dharma Talk


The best yoga classes start with an inspiring dharma talk. A dharma talk is a short discussion before movement begins, usually while the students are checking in with their breath.

Somehow, the best teachers have dharma talks that feel personal yet speak to a greater universal truth. A personal story or a quote that happens to perfectly demonstrate taking yoga off the mat or other principle of yoga philosophy.


Dropping In To Create Your Dharma Talk

Week after week, as the seasons change, it may become harder to generate a dharma talk or a personal story that triggers a yogic state of mind for your students.

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For me, the best way to get to the root of experience is by writing it down. Journaling before class planning with writing prompts (or not!) has been a vital practice for many of the most thought-out yoga classes.

Before we get started, make sure your writing place is private and comfortable.

This doesn’t have to mean it’s secluded or quiet or beautiful. It is enough that it is a place where you can be with yourself without too much interruption. This is a time to collaborate with the clearest version of YOU.


Dharma Talk Writing Prompts

Here are writing prompts for creating an insightful dharma talk:

  • Write about a time you felt connected to humanity as a whole
  • What color is most present in your life? Does it relate to a Chakra? Respond
  • Close your eyes and place one or both hands on your heart. Take three deep breaths. Write down the first word that comes to your mind. In what ways does this word impact your daily life?
  • Write the story of your yoga practice. How did you get here, today?
  • What was the most helpful advice you ever received?
  • What Yama or Niyama are you practicing the most? The least?
  • Flip to a random page of your favorite yoga book (or inspirational book) and read the first line of the second paragraph. Reflect on that sentence
  • Describe your day from the perspective of your hands, your feet, your shoulders, ears or any other body part
  • What does peace look like to you?
  • If you could give your yoga students one lesson, and they all “accomplish” what you’re teaching, what would you teach and why?

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Create an Inspiring Yoga Class With Dharma Talks

Use these dharma talk writing prompts as many times as you like. You may discover your responses change over time.

Somehow, the best teachers have dharma talks that feel personal yet speak to a greater universal truth.

Notice, not only what makes it onto the page, but even what doesn’t make it into your entries. What we don’t say can echo on through time and grow legs of its own, transforming into a lesson for our future selves.

How do you generate new and creative dharma talks? What was the favorite one you’ve heard from a teacher? Like, share, and comment below to share your wisdom with our community.

Create Presence for Your Dharma Talk Journaling

The Present of Presence

Meditation Class

With Yogi Bryan

This guided meditation on YA Classes uses visualization to calm and center your mind; a great way to drop in and create presence before journaling and preparing for your yoga class.

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