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I’ve always been inspired by the settings of movies. I think the design of this Italian villa—the set of the movie Call Me By Your Name—is particularly special.

I’ve written briefly about my love for this home before. It came across my feed again recently and I wanted to share more about why I love the design so much. This may very well be the most inspiring home I’ve ever seen—hence why it’s continued to captivate me over the years.

1. The Casual and Functional Design of the Kitchen

Super functional kitchens have always inspired me more than perfectly styled statement kitchens. Something about the utilitarian nature of this kitchen speaks directly to my heart. I love the hanging pots and pans and all the things set out where one can easily grab them. The patterned curtain under the sink also adds a delicate yet casual touch to the space.

2. The Grand Design of the Living Areas

While I love the design of the kitchen, it doesn’t reflect the grand nature of the kinds of traditional, large houses built in this era, when homes were used for different purposes. One of the rooms in which this grand architectural style is most notable is the home’s salon (pictured below). 

It isn’t necessarily practical for many families these days to have such a large, ornate living room. Yet there’s something so lovely about the idea of a formal space that still invites you to lounge all day, listening to music, reading, and having tea. The furniture and decor pieces in this space are also special in their own right, which leads me to my next point.

3. The “Mismatched” Quality of the Villa’s Overall Design

This “mismatched” quality is the hallmark of each of the most stylish people I know. Everything in their home has been collected over time and nothing perfectly matches. As a collective, the pieces in their home represent who they are and their family story. Yet it’s a different kind of story—one that’s told without words but instead with the objects they’ve chosen to surround themselves with. 

This kind of mismatched, personal quality is evident throughout the design of the Call Me By Your Name house. In the salon, there’s a mix of rustic wood furniture, a sleek gold lamp, bold kelly green chairs, and a whole host of other design elements. Set against the backdrop of ornate architectural features, the relaxed nature of the furniture brings the perfect casual balance. You don’t often see these kinds of ornate and informal design features together and I think they make for such a wonderful combination. 

For more details on this home and how its design came to life, read the original article from Architectural Digest.

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